Charalampos Petras

“Coaching within organizations: definition, methodology and criteria of effectiveness”. 

Psychologist | Founder & Director of Athens Coaching Institute & CP Coaching & Training Interventions Ltd | Author

Charalampos Petras is an experienced Coaching Psychologist specializing in Performance, Leadership Coaching and Coach Training. He is the founder and director of Athens Coaching Institute and CP Coaching & Training Interventions Ltd, leading providers of coaching and training in Greece & Cyprus. Charalampos holds a degree in Psychology, a degree in Anthropology & History, a Master’s degree in Anthropology and he is trained in Systemic Family Therapy, Coaching, EMDR Trauma Therapy, and Adults Learning. He is the author of the first textbook in coaching psychology practice in Greece and editor of two more books on coaching. He was a postgraduate researcher at the National Foundation of Research, the 414 Military Hospital of Special Diseases, and he has worked with multinational organizations, small and medium businesses in Greece & Cyprus and he has created a series of accredited coach training courses. He works with leaders, managers, executives, athletes and artists in performance coaching sessions following an integrative approach.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, International Society for Coaching Psychology and a board member of EMDR-Hellas.

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