Gilles Gambade

“Accreditation, the gate for professional coaching.”

Business Mentor, Executive Coach, President of Hellenic Coaching Association HCA/EMCC

A seasoned, multi-cultural Business Mentor & Executive Coach, in the past 10 years he has worked at international level with more than 20 senior leadership teams and over 300 top executives, representing more than 3000 hours of executive and team coaching. Gilles is Managing Partner of TopTeam World (Greece, Cyprus, France) since 2008, Associate Director in Promed Coaching (France) since 2013, Associate Partner in Leaders Excellence Partners since 2015 (France) and in Unlimited Potential Ltd since 2017 (UK).

Besides his coaching practice, Gilles is also active in the area of coaching/mentoring training. He is developing and delivering accredited coaching training programs (EMCC – EQA) for professional coaches as well as for executives and managers. He supports as well organizations in developing internal coaching/mentoring programs and develop a coaching culture.


In his 40+ years of experience in industry and consulting, Gilles has worked as a business executive in several  international companies across the EMEA region.

Prior to establishing TopTeam World, he was Director in Hay Group for 10 years and held responsibility for Business Development and Project Management in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, ME, acting as expert leader and executive coach in Organizational Change and Leadership Transformation.

As part of TopTeam World’s corporate social responsibility, Gilles is a member of the Mentoring Faculty of Mowgli Foundation (UK) and mentors start-up entrepreneurs in the Middle-East; is supporting Coaching and Mentoring programs for Beautiful Soul in Senegal, Save The Children organization in West Africa and YE community in Africa and Asia.

Gilles is a founding member and present President of the Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA/EMCC).

Tel: +30 6944295181