Dr Kleio Akrivou

“Capitalism, its challenges and Beyond. Revisiting the conception of human beings and agency beyond a reductionist vision. Insights to inform the practice of coaching from a personalist virtue ethics proposal”.

Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Kleio Akrivou is Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Organisational Behaviour (Moral Psychology) at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School in the United Kingdom. She is also Visiting Scholar at the University of Navarra’s institute for Business and Humanism; and Culture and Society in Spain. She has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree with a cross-disciplinary focus on Moral Psychology/Adult Development and Behavioural Science from Case Western Reserve University (USA). Previous to her PhD in Moral Psychology and OB, she also completed cross-disciplinary bachelors and Masters of Science degrees with a focus on Management and Economics and International Commerce and development in other EU countries.

Kleio is a Fellow of the U.K. Higher Education Academy, has worked with the Lloyds Banking Group as an expert panel member in their Stakeholder Engagement project in the UK, and is supporting BluePrint UK in their work. Kleio is also working jointly with other networks and institutions to engage practice and research relevant to Business and Society as well as Ethical Education.

Dr Akrivou’s work is inter-disciplinary and her research crosses the disciplines of (Moral) Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy of Management and Educational and Pedagogical Research. Since 2013 her research has focussed on Virtue Ethics with interest in a) new theory on self and social action in the lifeworld and in organisations, and b) critical and personalist virtue ethics approaches to neoliberal ways of thinking and their incommensurability with ethical human relations and action. She is interested in ethical management and leadership for humanistic and environmentally responsible (organisations in government, business and education).

Her latest book showcases her current interdisciplinary research, which defends a personalist virtue ethics proposal involving the self in relations and action, which are theoretically grounded upon the history of knowledge and philosophical ethics. This 2018 book is entitled ‘The inter-processual self: towards a personalist virtue ethics proposal for human agency’ (with J. V. Orón and G. R. Scalzo; published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, an imprint of Cambridge University Press). In 2016 Dr Akrivou and Prof A. Sison have co-edited the book Challenges of Capitalism for Virtue Ethics and the Common Good (E. Elgar). It is a synergistic effort uniting key academics (grounded in the European economic history and virtue ethics). It is written to highlight the lack of focus on the ‘common good’ in contemporary capitalism and its origins in medieval and early modern life and root causes, as well as to provide insights into how virtue ethics can be applied to reorient organisations/businesses and work as part of an ethical and humanistic economy–society relation.

Dr. Akrivou serves on the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Learning and Educationand Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics. She is also the Academic Director of the Henley Business School’s MSc in Management degree. She is the Lead Institutional Representative for Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), a United Nations-backed international educational institution.